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Seychellois company making Creole-language movies available online

Victoria, Seychelles | March 31, 2019, Sunday @ 09:00 in Entertainment » ARTS & CULTURE | By: Salifa Karapetyan Edited by: Betymie Bonnelame | Views: 6639
Seychellois company making Creole-language movies available online

Only one film -- Disparet -- is on sale on the website. (Kit li Orizinal/Facebook)

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(Seychelles News Agency) - Fans of Creole movies produced under the brand ‘Orizinal Film’ can now buy and download products online.

 ‘Orizinal Film’ is the production team and offshoot of local clothing brand ‘Orizinal Kreol’ founded in 2012. The name of the production house reflects its belief in Seychellois excellence and Creole pride.  

Once payment has been made through the website, the buyer can immediately download the selected video.

The director of ‘Orizinal Film’, Albert Duncan, said currently only one film -- Disparet (Creole for Disappeared) -- is on sale on the website.

“Disparet hasn't been fully aired anywhere, so it is a good way to monetise our productions. At the moment, it is the only movie on the website that people have to pay for but soon there will be more new movies to be uploaded,” said Duncan.

The others are free and Duncan explained that the movies are already available on Facebook and people have free access to them.

The director of ‘Orizinal Film’ said it was important to set up the website as it helps the brand to sell their products, ensuring the production of more content.

“We want to keep bringing out new things and make better films on a level that can be compared to those produced in the region and even in the world. To achieve this we need money, or else we will reach a plateau where everything will remain the same,” said Duncan.

He explained that “it is not easy to get funding and we want to invest in ourselves, hence it is important to be able to monetise the energy and time that we are putting in the production.”

Good sales will allow the team to upgrade its equipment and pay makeup artists to make up the actors and as a whole, improve the quality of production.

Since early March T-shirts are available for sale online. (Orizinal Kreol) Photo License: CC-BY

Apart from Creole movies on the website launched early March one can buy t-shirts produced by the brand.

“During the past years we have concentrated on producing movies and as a result, many people were asking about t-shirts, which we started the company with. With the website, the sales of the t-shirt will be more consistent and there will be new designs made available on a regular basis,” said Duncan.

A t-shirt design is limited to 20 per design, meaning that only 20 people will own one. For this reason, the team is constantly coming up with new designs. T-shirt sells for $21 and can be shipped to any country.

Duncan said that inspiration for the tees comes from what surrounds the artists every day as well as the environment of Seychelles. 

Presently, the only non-‘Orizinal Kreol’ product on the website are paintings and Duncan said the team does not want the website to be like a bazaar where one can find everything.

“We have certain principles that we abide by so the painting must be an original, must reflect the Creole culture. In the past we have always been there, together with other artists, to promote our culture and this is along the same line,” said Duncan.

He added that “people with short films can also contact us, but their production must fit within our brand to be able to make it to the website.”

In future ‘Orizinal Kreol’ wants to introduce other accessories such as caps and flip flops. Fans are advised to regularly check the website to see the latest products and designs. The Facebook page will still operate as is and everything seen there can be found on the website, which gives you the availability to buy online and support local brands.

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