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Seychelles honours a Mauritian musician for his promotion of Seychellois musicians

Victoria, Seychelles | May 29, 2019, Wednesday @ 18:44 in Entertainment » ARTS & CULTURE | By: Patsy Athanase Edited by: Betymie Bonnelame | Views: 10499
Seychelles honours a Mauritian musician for his promotion of Seychellois musicians

Daniel Delord (right) with Jean-Marc Volcy in the press conference last week. (Louis Toussaint)  

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(Seychelles News Agency) - Seychelles is honouring Mauritian artist Daniel Delord for his contribution towards the promotion of Seychellois musicians and performers.

Delord has been in Seychelles, a group of 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean, since last week at the invitation of Jean-Marc Volcy and Joseph Sinon.

At a press conference at the National Arts Council building in Victoria last Thursday, Volcy said Seychellois artists wanted to thank Delord for his support and assistance.

“Artists like Patrick Victor, Joennise Juliette, El Manager, Jose Charles, Gerard Barbe and Joseph Sinon, who have worked with Delord for many years and who are part of the association, wanted to show our appreciation for what he has done for the advancement of our music. We thought that a great way to show our appreciation was through this exchange programme, where we can enjoy good music and local food,” Volcy said.

Delord is the chairman of ‘Amical Moris Sesel’ Association set up 32 years ago to support and promote cultural exchanges between the two regional islands of the Indian Ocean.

The association has since then worked with a large number of Seychellois artists, to promote their work, such as the sale of CDS and media interviews, as well as assist with live performances for the Mauritian public.

On Friday, Delord will be the guest of honour at a special cultural exchange activity at the Vye Marmit Restaurant, dubbed ‘Sware Lanmitye’, hosted by artists whom Delord has assisted and worked with in the past.

Delord is accompanied on this trip by his two sons, who are also musicians - Thierry and Vincent -  and stepdaughter, renowned Sega singer, Wendy Duval.

The artist’s last visit to Seychelles was seven years ago.

The artist who is also recovering from a stroke two years ago said he is thrilled to be among his “dalon” (Creole word for friend) from Seychelles.

“For my children and I, music is our work. We have worked on many projects with Seychellois artists and I want this collaboration to continue. They are the ones who are helping with ‘Amical Moris Sesel’ to ensure it lives on,” he said.

Delord also called on younger artists to come forward and join the association so that they can also benefit.

“We can plan every detail of your stay, from your interviews with local media to your performances, to ensure you have a good time when you come to Mauritius and that you can find an outlet for your work,” he added.

This was echoed by Volcy who said he wanted to see more collaborations between artists from the two islands.

“We need to get more young people involved. We need people who can understand the importance of this association and how it helps bring our two cultures closer. So artists who are travelling to Mauritius to promote their work can come through us so that we can help them get more visibility when they get there,” he said.

Delord is also a businessman and owner of ‘Privilez’ Nightclub where Seychellois artists can perform and Coco Des Iles restaurant, which serves only Seychelles cuisine. His signature dishes include octopus curry and grilled fish.

For Friday’s cultural exchange evening, Delord will be performing songs such as ‘Celia’ – a collaboration with Seychellois singer Joenise Juliette -- and ‘Napa Laraz’ a song released 25 years ago in collaboration with David Philoe.

Other artists who will take the stage are Antoinette Dodin, Joseph Sinon and Patrick Victor among others.

“We want everyone who has benefitted through ‘Amical Moris Sesel’ Association to come forward, share the memories and spend this evening with us over good food and music. And most of all let's thank him for his devotion and for being a true ambassador for Seychelles,” said Volcy. 

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