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Soca queen brings carnival spirit to Seychellois children

Victoria | April 16, 2014, Wednesday @ 08:30 in Editorial » THE INTERVIEW | By: Joseph Samy | Views: 4496
Soca queen brings carnival spirit to Seychellois children

Lima Calbio relaxing on Mahe island, Seychelles (Lima Calbio)

(Seychelles News Agency) - “If you introduce the carnival spirit to your children, your carnival will go on forever” says Lima Calbio, a popular soca singer from Trinidad and Tobago, land of calypso, steel band and carnival, who will launch the first childrens' carnival during the Carnaval Internationale de Victoria in the Seychelles islands.

Calbio who comes from a musical family, started performing at the age of 7. She joined her first professional soca band of 12 members in 1989 with her being the only girl. In 1995 she was discovered by a Jamaican band and started travelling extensively across the world and became well known in the soca world.

Calbio first came to Seychelles in 2011 to perform in the first edition of the Seychelles’ Carnaval Internationale de Victoria and the Subios Festival and has been back every year since then.

SNA: Do you think a carnival for children is a good idea?

Lima Calbio: A carnival for children is an excellent idea and I know it’s going to work. There is nothing for the kids so why not. If you introduce the carnival spirit to your children, like we do in Trinidad and Tobago, your carnival will go on forever. They will take it through their adult life.

SNA: What form will it take?

Lima Calbio: It will be a community effort where neighbours can participate in making the costumes and also as a school project whereby the children themselves will create their own costumes. We are aiming at having at least 10 children from each school (note: there are 33 public schools in the archipelago). Of course there will be a prize for the best group.

SNA: Do you think carnival is compatible with children?

Lima Calbio: It can be fun for the kids. (…) It will be similar to Halloween. In Trinidad we use the same music for the kids but the lyrics are modified and some things are removed. Our children look forward to carnival each year and parents cash out as much as $200 for a costume for their kids. For the children here they can recycle things for their costumes to cut costs and encourage participation.

SNA: Will there be specific themes?

Lima Calbio: I am going to meet with all the schools and I’m going to give them some themes. They will choose from themes like fancy pirates, fancy sailors, clowns, T shirt splashing, a theme of their own, and even have a coco de mer band. They will parade on Freedom Square in front of a panel of judges on April 27, in the afternoon

SNA: What do you think of the Seychelles?

Lima Calbio: I feel at home here. It’s where you want to be.


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