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Kids and COVID in Seychelles: 6 reasons working at home is so hard right now

Victoria, Seychelles | March 26, 2020, Thursday @ 12:04 in Entertainment » SEYCHELLES BUZZ | By: Sharon Ernesta | Views: 9653
Kids and COVID in Seychelles: 6 reasons working at home is so hard right now

(Bernice Docteur)

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(Seychelles News Agency) - Since the first cases of COVID–19 were confirmed in Seychelles – 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean – almost two weeks ago, all public and private schools have closed down. With daycare centres also now closed, parents have opted to take leave or work from home.

We all love our kids, but things can get ... frustrating. SNA brings you 6 reasons why kids at home are so hard for working parents.


We worker-bees must judge-and-jury bickering brawls

Working at home when children are in class can be a blissful, productive experience. But add kids to the mix, and things become chaotic. The parent becomes judge and the jury over bickering and all-out brawls while also dealing with work emails and calls. Parents must remain calm when the boss is on the line and the kids are misbehaving.

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Parenting comes before work (sorry boss!)

At home with kids, your most important role remains as a parent. So there will always be chores to do, meals to be prepared and rules to be set and maintained. And of course, the policing that goes with all the rules, as these are often not respected and disciplinary actions need to be taken. This parent-first role makes it very stressful especially to meet your daily work deadline.

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Why do the kids shout Mom! and Dad! all day long?

Those kids sure do need us, don't they? There is always “come and watch TV with me, read me a book, so and so does not want to play with me, so you come and play with me.” We love them, they won't always want us around. And as a good parent, you try to accommodate them, but that work won't finish itself!

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Mom and dad, the short-order cook and snack provider

Kids sure do eat a lot. Being at home with kids means you are in control of all aspects of each meal, from prep to clean-up. And boy do children snack a lot ... all day long! An eye must be kept on the fridge to ensure that they maintain healthy eating habits.

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Are my bills going up!?!

With kids at home all day, parents have to be up to their energy efficiency watchdog game. Water taps off? Lights switched off? Refrigerator closed? Imagine this: the kitchen sink is running, the fridge is open, all the lights are on, and angelic child is sitting in the living room playing her tablet with the TV on. Oh, and the fan in the bedroom is on. CHILDREN!!!

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Kids: Go outside and play!

Another dilemma: begging children to go and play outside. Almost all parents will agree that the younger generation tends to spend all their times indoor. But with schools closed parents have to also take up the role of PE teachers and ensure that they engage in physical activities, be it skipping ropes, kicking a ball or taking a walk ... all while keeping COVID-19 sanitation measures at the front of mind. We all know the sun is good for humans and provides us with vitamin D abundantly and free of charge. But when they return, "Kids: Wash your hands!"

 (Dave Ernesta) Photo License: All Rights Reserved
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