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Seychelles' election by the numbers: 3 presidential, 75 National Assembly candidates

Victoria, Seychelles | September 24, 2020, Thursday @ 12:21 in Entertainment » SEYCHELLES BUZZ | Views: 7191
Seychelles' election by the numbers: 3 presidential, 75 National Assembly candidates

(Gerard Larose, Seychelles Tourism Board)

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(Seychelles News Agency) - The presidential and legislative elections in Seychelles will take place October 22-24. Three candidates will contest the presidential elections and 75 candidates are vying for 26 seats in the National Assembly.

SNA presents a summary of the candidates, their party and their districts. Each National Assembly district has at least two candidates, and two -- English River and Au Cap -- have four candidates.


Presidential Candidates

Wavel Ramkalawan – Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS)

Danny Faure – United Seychelles (US)

Alain St Ange – One Seychelles

(Seychelles News Agency/Wikipedia) Photo License: CC-BY  


Candidates for the National Assembly


Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS)

Anse Aux Pins Clifford Andre
Anse Boileau ARISSOL, Philip, Michael      
Anse Etoile ROMAIN, Georges, Yvon
Anse Royale LARUE, Flory, Alice
Au Cap SAMYNADIN, Huguette, Kelly          
Baie Lazare ADELAIDE, Francois, Benjamin
Baie Ste Anne Praslin PORICE,Barbara, Doyace, Dill
Beau Vallon HOAREAU, John, Michel
Bel Air LOIZEAU, Norbert, Francis
Bel Ombre ARISSOL, Sandy, John
Cascade MONTHY, Philip, Constantin
English River LABONTE, Andy, Michel
Glacis ESPARON, Regina, Lucia
Grand Anse Mahe  WILLIAM, Winslow, Waven
Grand Anse Praslin  WOODCOCK, Wavel, Joseph
Inner Islands     MICOCK, Loncey, Louis         
Les Mamelles    GEORGES, Victor, Derek, Errol, Bernard
Mont Buxton HENRIE, Gervais
Mont Fleuri ROUCOU, Michel, Michael
Perseverance BASTIENNE, Desheila, Andrine
Plaisance LABROSSE, Richard, Marc      
Pointe Larue BISTOQUET, Rosie, Anne
Port Glaud HERMITTE, Godfra, Henry
Roche Caiman   LETOURDI, Therese, Jany
St. Louis NAIDU, Sudharsan, Sathyanarayanan
Takamaka MONDON, Michel, Terence, Hugues


(Linyon Demokratik Seselwa) Photo License: All Rights Reserved


One Seychelles

Anse Aux Pins ST. ANGE, Joella, Cherylle, Veronique
Anse Boileau  VIDOT, Lucia, Dorina, Merose
Anse Etoile  ERNESTA, Ralph, Joseph
Anse Royale ALPHONSE, Randy, Keneth
Au Cap ANTHONY, Andre, Hervey 
Baie Ste Anne Praslin  PADAYACHI, Kumarakannan, B-Thabani 
Bel Air   DENIS, Steve, Michel 
Cascade  MELLY, Theophane,Pascal 
English River FINESSE, Delroy, Elvin
Glacis DUGASSE, Dieter, Erroll
Grand Anse Praslin  ESTHER, Jean-Baptiste, Yvon
Inner Islands ETIENNE, Elna, Marie-Noel
Mont Buxton ALLY, Jean-Yves, Gionvanni, Nicolas
Perseverance ST. ANGE, Jules, Bernard
Plaisance CHADSTONE, Mike, Morris
Pointe Larue  MARIE, Maryline, Zita 
Roche Caiman    VOLCERE, Ralph, Maxime, Gerald 
Takamaka MARIA, Mike, Alex
(Seychelles Nation) Photo License: CC-BY  


Lalyans Seselwa

Au Cap KILINDO, Neville, Archange
English River WIRTZ, Weston
Les Mamelles    CADEAU, William, Jean-Baptiste

(Lalyans Seselwa) Photo License: All Rights Reserve


United Seychelles

Anse Aux Pins  RAFORME, Veronica, Dothy
Anse Boileau  ALPHONSE, Roger France
Anse Etoile  CREA, Terence, Daniel
Anse Royale LEMIEL, Sylvanne, Lydie
Au Cap CHARLES, Michel
Baie Lazare FREMINO, Johnny, Wilfred
Baie Ste Anne   GILL, Churchill, Patrick
Beau Vallon ROSE, James, Steven
Bel Air VOLCERE, Ronny, Davis Kenneth
Bel Ombre LOUISE, Sheril, Bradline,Maria
Cascade FELIX, Michael, Ron, Nicol
English River    HERMINIE, Wilbert, Ernest
Glacis BONTE, France, Gonsalves 
Grand Anse Praslin  GRANDCOURT, Louis, Alvin, Mohamed
Inner Islands EMILE, Julie Jill
Mont Buxton DAVID, Robert, Roy Francois
Mont Fleuri  CESAR, Lindy, Maria
Perseverance CETOUPE, Flavie, Judith
Plaisance EDMOND, Therese, Mary, Ivy
Pointe Larue GABRIEL, Yven, Conrad
Port Glaud VIDOT, Audrey, Maryona
St. Louis JOSEPH, Rachel Joyceline
Takamaka ERNESTA, Paul, Volbert
(Seychelles Nation) Photo License: CC-BY  


Independent Candidates

Beau Vallon ANDRE, Keith, Hubert, Garvin
St. Louis JEAN, Holbert, John


(Seychelles Nation/Joe Laurence) Photo License: CC-BY  


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