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5 super beaches in Seychelles to cure you from the COVID travel blahs

Victoria, Seychelles | August 19, 2021, Thursday @ 14:33 in Entertainment » SEYCHELLES BUZZ | By: Sharon Ernesta | Views: 10680
5 super beaches in Seychelles to cure you from the COVID travel blahs

(Gerard Larose, Seychelles Tourism Board) 

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(Seychelles News Agency) - Nearly 60,000 tourists have arrived in Seychelles since it re-opened its borders to the world on March 25 after shutting off tourism due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tourism officials are forecasting up to 189,000 visitors by the end of the year.

With its pristine environment and abundance of sun, Seychelles lures visitors to secluded beaches on its main islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

SNA presents five of those beaches tourists tired of the COVID era are now strolling upon.


Anse Cocos 

Located on the third-most populated island of La Digue, Anse Cocos along the coast of Petit Anse is for sure a beautiful sight for sore eyes after a 45-minutes walk. Nestled in the eastern end of the island, visitors can reach the secluded beach after a bike ride from Grand Anse and a leisurely walk on a well-maintained trail.

For a whole day by yourself relax in the golden sun, soaking in the shallow natural pools alongside plenty of shade from the coconut trees.

(Dronepicr, Wikimedia) Photo license: CC BY 2.0


Anse La Farine, Baie Ste Anne

The small but calm and tranquil beach not too far from the bustling centre of Baie Ste Anne on the island of Praslin offers visitors a chance to enjoy peacefulness and nature at its best. The secluded beach is easily reachable by a 30-minute walk on a demarcated trail.

Those not too keen on walking can go via boat booked prior. Once there, visitors can enjoy the beach, be it swimming, snorkelling and even weather permitting kayaking, in total seclusion.

(Seychelles News Agency) Photo License: CC-BY


Anse Georgette, Grand Anse

Another beauty on the second-most populated island of Praslin is Anse Georgette. Isolated with a sandy white beach and crystal clear water reflecting the blue skies, this sandy spot is a must for visitors to the island.

The pristine beach will take your breath away with its natural and well-preserved environment. Located not far from the Lemuria Constance Resort, Anse Georgette can be reached after a 30-minute hike.

(Dronepicr, Wikimedia) Photo license: CC BY 2.0


Anse Major, Bel Ombre

The small cove, with its little bay with gravel-like sand is popular for its coral reef and what is described as an extravagant underwater life. It's a snorkelling paradise. But reaching this secluded beach frequented mostly by visitors requires some travelling, by car, on foot or by boat.

From the capital city of Victoria, it's a 20-minute car or bus drive to Danzil in the northern Mahe district of Bel Ombre. From there it is a one-hour hike through the Morne Seychellois National Park, with breathtaking views of huge boulders and beautiful blue seas. The trail leads directly to the beach.

(Reibai,Flickr) Photo license: CC BY 2.0 


Grand Police, Takamaka

No doubt the most pristine, wild and undisturbed beach on the main island of Mahe, Grand Police greets visitors with miles of sandy white beaches, which when it clashes with sunlight, nearly blinds you. Located down south, Grand Police has been nominated as an area of outstanding beauty.

Reachable by car, the beach sits deserted in virgin lush vegetation undisturbed by development. The area is also an important nesting site for endemic sea turtles it also boasts one of the biggest wetlands of the country. So whether you are a conservationist keen to enjoy mother nature at its best or you simply want a place to be at peace with nature, Grand Police awaits you! 

(So Seychelles,Flickr) Photo license: CC BY 2.0 
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