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Required Documents for Visa-Free Entry to Seychelles

September 9, 2021, Thursday @ 13:34 in Editorial | By: Will Peaten | Views: 21964
Required Documents for Visa-Free Entry to Seychelles

Even though all visitors are usually visa-exempt for Seychelles, there is some paperwork to fill in ahead of your arrival here. (Gerard Larose)

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(Seychelles News Agency) - As we write above, all the world’s nationalities are normally visa-exempt for this splendid East African country. This makes arranging your trip here far more convenient than for destinations that oblige you to go to an embassy to apply for your entry paperwork. Equally, though, you do require some travel documents to enter Seychelles:

  • A passport valid for the length of your stay with at least two blank pages.
  • A printed copy of your onward or return flight ticket out of Seychelles.
  • Proof of your confirmed accommodation for at least the first three nights.
  • Sufficient funds for your visit, equal to 150 USD a day minimum or equivalent.
  • If you’re travelling with children, they must possess a child’s passport.

In addition, you must be visiting for the purpose of tourism, business, or to visit family or friends.

If you fulfil these requirements, then congratulations! You’re eligible for visa-free entry to this beautiful archipelago for trips of up to 30 days. Furthermore, once you’re in Seychelles, you can apply for a free extension to stay for another 60 days. After that, you can obtain 90-day extensions to stay for up to a year for a fee of 5,000 Seychellois rupees (about 370 USD). 

About the Visitor’s Permit and How to Fill in the Form

Notably, even though all visitors are usually visa-exempt for Seychelles, there is some paperwork to fill in ahead of your arrival here. Fortunately, though, this is a straightforward formality. It’s called the Visitor’s Permit, and you fill in the form for this either on your flight coming in or upon arrival at Seychelles International Airport on Mahé island. 

Here’s the information you provide on the form, with a pen in blue or black ink:

  • Your complete name.
  • Your country of origin.
  • Your address.
  • Your contact details.
  • Your reason for visiting Seychelles.
  • The number of your inbound flight.
  • Your accommodation address.
  • The dates of your visit.
  • Information about any goods you’re bringing into the country.

Once you’ve filled in this form, you pass this to the arrivals officer at customs. He or she may check that the information you’ve written matches what’s on your supporting documents, so be sure to bring these with you. At this point, the arrivals officer will stamp your passport, and you’re free to enter! 

To learn more about the entry requirements for Seychelles, you can visit this page.

Seychelles Entry Regulations to Protect Against COVID-19

At present, there are also a few other Seychelles entry regulations to be aware of, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, in addition to the normal requirements described above. 

If you’re arriving by air, these regulations are as follows:

- You must have proof of a negative PCR test taken up to 72 hours before arrival.

- You must have valid health insurance to cover any COVID-related costs.

- You need to fill in the Health Travel Authorisation form at This requires you to provide information and documents including:

o    Your nationality.

o    A scan of your passport’s bio page (the page with your photo).

o    A scan of a passport photo.

o    Your phone number and email address.

o    Your home address.

o    Your occupation.

o    The details of your emergency contacts.

o    The purpose of your trip.

o    The dates of your visit.

o    Your airline and incoming flight number.

o    Your destination after Seychelles.

o    Your address(es) in Seychelles.

o    Your current health and wellbeing.

Alternatively, if you’re coming to Seychelles by sea:

  • You must seek approval to enter from the Public Health Authority at
  • At least two weeks must have passed since your last port of call, or you must pay for a PCR test upon arrival, or you must show proof of vaccination against COVID.
  • All crew members and passengers must be without symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Any crew members’ or passengers’ illnesses must be reported to the Public Health Authority.
  • You must have valid health insurance to cover any COVID-related costs.

With this information then, you know everything you need to about the travel document requirements to visit Seychelles. About the exit regulations from the archipelago, as we write above, you need to show proof of your onward or return trip out of the islands upon arrival.

Whether you’re coming to spot the beautiful endemic wildlife on Bird island or haggle in the capital Victoria’s Sir Selwyn Clarke Market, you’re sure to have a marvellous time! 

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