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Seychelles takes another step forward towards waste segregation

Victoria, Seychelles | January 20, 2023, Friday @ 16:16 in Environment » GENERAL | By: Salifa Karapetyan | Views: 6461
Seychelles takes another step forward towards waste segregation

Waste bins donated by Seychelles Breweries for waste segregation (Seychelles News Agency)

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(Seychelles News Agency) - Waste segregation is to expanding in Seychelles as the environment ministry has received a batch of sorting bins that will be placed in public areas with the aim of further improving the country's waste management system. 

On Friday, Seychelles Breweries made a donation of 21 SeyPearl-branded 240 litre sorting bins that will serve as collecting points for aluminum cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles. The company invested SCR300,000 to make this donation a reality. 

The deputy chief executive of the Landscape and Waste Management Agency (LWMA), Rahul Mangroo, told the press that the donation comes at a critical moment within the 'Cleaner Seychelles' programme, which was initiated in 2019. 

"The donation we have received will help us to bring waste segregation to the community with access points where they can be installed, allowing members of the public to use them. We will place them in secure and controlled areas, as we don't want people to misuse them. These will most probably be shopping malls," said Mangroo. 

He outlined that the next step is to approach establishments and bring them on board "as they also have a role to play in ensuring that waste segregation progresses."  

Despite waste segregation existing in different areas in Seychelles, especially in the private sector, Mangroo outlined that there is a gap that exists. 

"Support is better needed when it comes to the collection of segregated waste as they need to be collected separately. This needs to be strengthened. The second issue is where to bring and process the waste," said Mangroo.

The collection of PET bottles in Seychelles is a good example of where there is not much of a gap in the system, however, it is mostly in the informal sector, he explained. 

"We need to introduce this in the formal sector and create a formal structure," said Mangroo. 

During the short handing-over ceremony that took place at the Seychelles Breweries factory at Le Rocher, it was also outlined that the company is one that has been spearheading the aspect of recycling, especially with its glass bottle. The company has, since 1972, a redemption system for the collecting of its bottles. 

Its managing director, Conor Neiland, said that "while the idea of waste segregation is relatively new in Seychelles, it is and has become common practice across many parts of the world." 

“Indeed, the majority of visitors who come to Seychelles are accustomed to waste segregation, and it is reasonable to assume that some will take environmental protection into consideration when they are choosing a holiday destination. Therefore, there are many reasons for us all to actively adopt these practices and we should look forward to a day when waste segregation and recycling are a norm for everyone," said Neiland. 

As part of the donation, Seychelles Breweries also made the commitment of running an educational programme in the media to show people how to make use of the bins and encourage segregation.

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