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State of the Nation: Seychelles' President says he is proud of mid-term achievements

Victoria, Seychelles | March 10, 2023, Friday @ 20:07 in National » GENERAL | By: Betymie Bonnelame | Views: 8555
State of the Nation: Seychelles' President says he is proud of mid-term achievements

Ramkalawan delivered his address in the National Assembly. (National Assembly YouTube)

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Moving Seychelles forward and striving to give it the best possible reputation is part of what the government will continue to do, said President Wavel Ramkalawan in his State of the Nation address on Friday.

Ramkalawan, who delivered his address in the National Assembly, said, "We have reached what we call mid-term and in a week it will be exactly half of the mandate since the elections of 2020. [...] My administration and I are proud of the achievement we have made during the last two years."

He spoke about the various projects completed under his mandate with the assistance of both local and foreign support.

Among the projects completed are the Belonie Secondary School, and the renovation of the National Institute for Health and Social Studies.

With the help of foreign assistance, "very soon Seychellois will be able to play football at home and we expect soon that our children will run on a new tartan. We will have the opening of the La Digue hospital later this year."

Ramakalwan said these are being made possible with the assistance of the government of the United Arab Emirates.

Also, with the assistance of the UAE, Seychelles will start more housing projects at Barbarons.

Ramkalwan said that with the assistance of Saudi Arabia, the island of La Digue will soon have a new primary and secondary school.

Seychelles' head of state said that the government is also striving to give the country the best reputation possible.

"Everyone today talks about Seychelles. With what we have achieved including being the first country in Africa to have a biometric passport, I will not be surprised if Seychelles becomes the first African country that will not need a visa to enter the U.S," he said.

Ramkalawan said many things are being done to share the riches that the country is making with the people.

"Next month we will give a 10 percent increase to workers in the civil service.  Certain businesses in the private sector have seen this as a good initiative and they will be giving their workers a salary increase,' he added.

The government is also trying to keep the cost of living as low as possible "but unfortunately we cannot fight against what is going on in the world. When there is conflict, it directly affects us," he said.

The President said that "The state of our nation is one that is very interesting. There are many things happening and I believe that all frustration in our country can be eliminated, that all Seychellois can get a good job and that Seychelles can really be for all its children."

He reiterated his concern about the civil service and said that "if every worker understands their role and is engaged in giving the best of themselves this country will be transformed. We have to take our responsibility and I would like to, today, congratulate all workers working consciously. There are many who are giving all they have to move this country forward."

The President also talked about his concern about the drug scourge and how it continues to affect many people, especially the young. He revealed that during the past two years over a tonne of drugs has been seized and destroyed and the war on drugs will continue.

Ramkalawan has called on every Seychellois to "maintain our democracy and continue living like Seychellois brothers and sisters and reflect on how we will love our country more and how we will lift it higher."

Next week the two leaders in the National Assembly will give their responses to the State of the Nation address.

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