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"Seychelles in your pocket": Updated map of islands entirely hand-drawn

Victoria, Seychelles | June 10, 2023, Saturday @ 07:04 in Business » TOURISM | By: Sedrick Nicette Edited By: Betymie Bonnelame | Views: 4587
"Seychelles in your pocket": Updated map of islands entirely hand-drawn

The pocket-sized folded map has been produced by a local company, Antik Colony. (Sedrick Nicette)

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Tourists travelling to Seychelles will now be able to have updated maps of the islands to use during their travels with a new "Seychelles in your pocket" map.

On the pocket-sized folded map produced by a local company, Antik Colony,  travellers will be able to see the map, updated with all the new features of the islands, including new roads, hotels and other places of interest.

"The map itself consists of a lot of work because it is updated yearly. We update accordingly all the developments that the country is undertaking, mostly in the tourism sector, which is more important for the visitors who come to our country and also all the updated roads to guide them to where they want to go," the company's director, Franca Rolfini, told SNA.  

The map was part of the "Seychelles in your pocket" guidebook, which was first produced in 1987, giving tourists details of areas of interest on the islands.

In the guidebook, travellers will be able to see the map, updated with all the new features of the islands. (Seychelles News Agency) Photo License: CC-BY  

Rolfini said, "At first the map was different from the ones we are printing now, in 2004, we decided to change the concept of the map to make it smaller and  more easily portable - pocket friendly."

The map has been produced completely by hand, including the drawings and most of the folding, showcasing the great craftsmanship of a young Italian, who Rolfini claims is very difficult to get in touch with.

"We have to search all over for him. He is young, yes, but he still working as if he is in the 18th century with no mobile phones and no computer. He does everything by hand, nothing digital," added Rolfini.

This is the 17th edition of the map, which features a help card, where they can enter their names, important medical information and emergency numbers.

The maps are available to all customers for free and will also be available at the Seychelles International Airport, hotels, restaurants and other areas popular with tourists.

"It is distributed, free of charge, in order to ensure its maximum distribution, thus optimising the exposure of the products and services promoted on the map," said Rolfini.

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