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"Between the Lines": Seychellois photo and digital art exhibition shows wide range of possibilities

Victoria, Seychelles | July 16, 2023, Sunday @ 09:00 in Entertainment » ARTS & CULTURE | By: Salifa Karapetyan Edited by: Betymie Bonnelame | Views: 5283
"Between the Lines": Seychellois photo and digital art exhibition shows wide range of possibilities

Around 17 artists have come together to showcase over 40 art pieces in an exhibition. (Seychelles News Agency) 

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Over a dozen artists in Seychelles have explored the many possibilities that lie in the grey area in a newly opened photography and digital media exhibition being displayed at Kenwyn House in Victoria, the capital.

With an even balance between photographers and digital artists, female and male, emerging and established, 17 artists have come together to showcase over 40 art pieces in an exhibition themed "Between the Lines" that is open until August 12.

Karyn Zialor, the curator, said that the exhibition was launched in January, with the aim of attracting photographers and digital artists. Speaking about the theme she chose for the exhibition, she shared that no additional information was provided about it as she wanted to see how the artists interpret it.

"From that, we ended up with a wide array of work from different artists. When you walk through this exhibition, you see different stories and ideas from the artists," said Zialor.

"There is a stigma around digital artists, and we need to realise that art is further than painting, photography, sculptor. We need to expand to include digital artists and from that, we will get a more rounded art space in Seychelles," said Zialor.

Talking about her artwork, Vanessa Lucas, one of the participating photographers, outlined that her piece centres around child abuse.

Lucas with her piece which centres on child abuse. (Seychelles News Agency) Photo License: CC-BY

"As the theme is 'Between the Lines', I wanted to portray how children should have the freedom to be children. The piece is about child abuse – children who are neglected and not loved by their parents, grow up amidst alcoholism, or are beaten. I want anyone who stops by my artwork to interpret it in their own way because it is all about the emotion it evokes," said Lucas.

The black and white photograph of a boy sitting on a windowsill of a ruin, head bent to his knees and with bottles, and rope at his feet was shot in 2017 and has never been showcased.

Two other participating artists, Marquise and Rico Padayachy, stated that their interest to join the exhibition is founded on an upcoming project they are working on.

"This year, we are investing in and coming forth with 'Kartoon Seselwa' [Seychellois Cartoon], which is a new venture for us. This piece was supposed to be an animation but due to time constraints, we made a still instead. This is not just digital art, but also a taste of what we will be coming forth within the near future," said Rico.

"The artwork is made of mixed media – the background was drawn using watercolors and crayons and the guy in the middle is digital art.  The art piece is about expression, expression through music, especially where words are not always enough," said Marquise.

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