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A chance to prove her worth for her country: Miss Seychelles contestant Linne Freminot

Victoria, Seychelles | May 25, 2015, Monday @ 18:50 in Entertainment » PEOPLE | By: April Amesbury and Sharon Meriton-Jean | Views: 3917
A chance to prove her worth for her country: Miss Seychelles contestant Linne Freminot

Miss Seychelles contestant number 9 Linne Freminot (Miss Seychelles - National Pageant/Facebook)

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(Seychelles News Agency) - For 21-year-old Linne Freminot from Anse Louis in the south-eastern coast of Mahe Island, participating in the annual national beauty pageant of the Seychelles has always been a dream, but somehow she could never muster the courage to do so until this year.

In an interview with SNA, Linne said she had previously felt she was not ready or confident enough to undertake the challenge of being in the public eye.

In 2009, Linne enrolled at the University of Seychelles' School of Teacher Education where she studied to become a teacher. She soon realised that teaching was not for her and eventually found her place at the Seychelles National Meteorological Services where things turned around for her.

As part of her training, she followed a three-month course at the Institute of Meteorological Training and Research in Kenya, where she received a distinction in her studies and was among the best performers in her class.

“I never thought I would have the chance to study abroad, it really taught me how to become independent, patient and strong. I know I made lifelong friends with the other Seychellois students because we were by each others’ sides through the hard times,” she told SNA.

After her studies, Linne described a new sense of confidence that motivated her to start presenting the weather in front of the camera and applying as a participant in the Miss Seychelles... Another World national beauty pageant. Away from the camera, Linne says the best part of her job is ensuring the safety of others by providing weather predictions which are as accurate as possible.

“There are times where I have to write safety reports for the landing of aircraft. Knowing that something so important is going through my hands gives me a big sense of responsibility and accomplishment,” she explained.

Earlier this year, Linne became acquainted with a reverend, Jonathan Clayton from South Africa who worked with prisoners and their families in Seychelles. Linne was then encouraged to take over the project after his departure and become a voice for the families of prisoners.

After enrolling in this year’s beauty pageant, Linne decided therefore to focus her community upliftment project on children whose parents are in prison. Through this, she hopes to keep an eye on the children’s performances at school and their behaviour through consultations with their peers, parents and teachers. Counselling and recreational activities are some solutions that she is proposing in order to give these children a better lives.

Having worked with female prisoners throughout her project, Linne is now determined to start focusing on the male prisoners and their children.

“What I have noticed since the beginning of my project is that all these children are deeply hurt and feel they are lacking, compared to their peers,” says Linne. “We are currently negotiating to build a playground at the prison where children could have safe interactions with their parents and spend more quality time together.”

Linne’s favourite part about the Miss Seychelles training so far, were her Question and Answers classes which was conducted by Glenn Pillay.

“I got tips about being more comfortable on stage and it really helps with the stage fright. I find that the question and answers part of the competition is the most important because it is your chance to prove to Seychelles how intelligent you are and that you can represent your country.”

In her spare time, Freminot enjoys reading, dancing and singing as she believes these helps with the development of the mind, body and soul. Meditation is another way that helps Linne get rid of negative thoughts and for the past two years, she has been practicing the art of Taekwondo, a form of martial arts.

Speaking to SNA, Linne commended her father for encouraging her to take part in as many school activities and sports as possible, although, she reveals that it is thanks to her mother, who is from Cameroon, that she has had the opportunity to experience different cultures.

“What I really like about Cameroon is that the people really respect their culture and the street food is amazing. I’ve also had the chance to see the amazing wildlife, like elephants and giraffes.” She told SNA.

Another inspirational character of Linne’s is Joyce Meyer, a Christian author and speaker. “Whenever I feel down, watching one of her videos picks me up. I have learned to take life as it comes and to be more forgiving from her.”

Linne believes that Miss Seychelles is a good experience and that she is certain God will give the title to the person who deserves it and can represent Seychelles on an international level.

“I know that win or lose I will leave the pageant with so much more confidence and experience to go even further in life.”

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