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'I am different from the other girls,' says Nisa Larue, Miss Seychelles contestant

Victoria, Seychelles | May 26, 2015, Tuesday @ 15:24 in Entertainment » PEOPLE | By: April Amesbury and Sharon Meriton-Jean | Views: 3401
'I am different from the other girls,' says Nisa Larue, Miss Seychelles contestant

Miss Seychelles contestant number 10 Nisa Larue (Miss Seychelles - National Pageant/facebook)

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(Seychelles News Agency) - Parading in front of a crowd is not new to 20-year-old Nisa Larue, who was crowned Miss English River from 2007 – 2011 as part of a beauty pageant organised at her secondary school and she has received various awards for public speaking competitions.  

Participating in this year’s Miss Seychelles… Another World beauty pageant, according to Nisa, is yet another ‘life-changing event’.

A student at the National Institute for Health and Social Services, the beauty pageant contestant is studying to be a social worker. With only one more year left to complete her studies, she hopes to be a couples’ counsellor or to work with autistic children. She says she is happy with her course although she says it has been very challenging.

“You need to be very self-aware and know your limits, in order to know what groups of people you can counsel or not,” Nisa told SNA, adding that her biggest reward in her career would be the satisfaction of helping someone in need.

The 1.59 metre tall contestant hailing from English River, one of the central districts of the Seychelles main island of Mahe, feels that working with drug and alcohol addicts would be the most challenging for her, yet they are to her the group in society which needs the most attention.

“It is growing alarmingly and is something that has become so common that it sad to think that anyone could fall victim to drugs and alcohol,” she said.

For now, Nisa is focusing her beauty with a purpose project on helping autistic children. Her plan is to educate people about what autism really is, as well as giving parents tools and techniques to allow their children to learn mainly using different colours, shapes and numbers.

To realize her project, Nisa says she has started working with the early childhood centre in the English River district clinic and has also spoken to various government officials as well as parents to learn more about measures that can be put in place to make these special children’s lives better.

“Currently the early childhood centre focuses only on the children but I feel it is necessary to give parents assistance as well, since they both need to be healthy to co-exist as a unit.”

She also wishes to promote her project by associating it with other Islands in the Indian Ocean region by creating a regional alliance to tackle this common issue.

Her role model is Sigmund Freud, a psychologist who was the father of modern psychoanalysis. She believes that Freud looked at the mind from different perspectives and values his theories so much that she wants to use them in her own work.

With her life’s experiences and tough career choice, Nisa’s advice is to take life a step at a time, and to take the time to listen to the point of views of others. 

“Nothing has come handed to me on a silver platter, I’ve had to face difficulties and fight for what I have,” she told SNA.

Since enrolling in the pageant, Nisa admits that balancing school work with the pageant has been hard, especially since she is also interning at the family squad with the Seychelles Police Force. Her internship involves visiting multiple schools and working alongside practising counsellors.

“I got this week off and although I know I must replace the days I’ve missed during the holidays, I feel determined to continue. I have managed well so far and I will keep on doing so,” she said.

In spite of her busy schedule, Nisa enjoys reading books about psychology, doing nail art, writing poems, watching movies such as “My Sister’s Keeper” and listening to country and western music. She also enjoys cooking, especially Italian foods, but she also loves local Creole food. As for fashion, Nisa says she is a versatile dresser and likes to experiment.

With barely a few days to go until the grand finale of the competition, Nisa revealed that working alongside other girls from different backgrounds had been challenging but said she had learned to adapt, which was rewarding because she believes it has strengthened her character.

“I will have an opportunity to help people which will be a giant leap in terms of my profession. I think I am different from the other girls in my way of thinking. We see life differently,” says Nisa when asked about her chances for the crown.

The 20-year-old contestant sees herself as a parent, wife and a successful therapist ten years into the future.

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