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5 ways Seychelles uses coconut oil

Victoria, Seychelles | April 21, 2016, Thursday @ 09:38 in Entertainment » SEYCHELLES BUZZ | By: Julia Mabrook and Betymie Bonnelame | Views: 4963
5 ways Seychelles uses coconut oil

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(Seychelles News Agency) - Coconut trees. They are a staple in pictures of peaceful, sandy, crystal-blue ocean island life. In real life those coconuts -- and the oil they produce -- are being used in ever more creative ways in the Seychelles. Coconut oil can sometimes be advertised as a bit of a miracle ingredient. We don't know about that. But we do know it has many good uses.

Here are five ways the islanders of the Seychelles use coconut oil.


A Cooking Oil  

Wow! Unlike butter it is non-dairy, filled with antioxidants and is low in fat. Long ago, locals used it as the base for cooking. It was readily available and came at no cost as most houses had coconut trees.

“We used it to fry fish but first we separated the oil by cooking the flesh. The oil we then use for cooking and the cooked flesh we ate it like a snack,” says Godfrey Bonnelame, a 71-year old from Beau Vallon, a northern Mahe district.  

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A Natural Healer

Coconut oil has for many years been used as a natural healing ingredient. Our grandparents would use it as hot oil rubs for colds.

Bonnelame said it was especially used with children. “We used it for children suffering from bronchitis by rubbing the oil on their stomach,” he said.

The oil was drunk to cleanse the digestive system, treat bacterial and fungal infections, headaches and to remove mucus on the stomach.

Coconut oil is also used in combination with other medicinal plants. For example: coconut oil and papaya leaf were applied on areas of rheumatism.

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A Hair Moisturizer!

The most popular use of the oil is for hair and skin. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer and is guaranteed to revitalize dry hair. When applied to hair, it moisturizes and seals in moisture; it also adds shine and thickness to hair. Oh! It’s also a great hair color protector.

(Seychelles News Agency) Photo License: CC-BY


A Skin Moisturizer

For seriously dry skin, coconut oil is the ideal, cost-effective moisturizer. The saturated fat in the oil help the skin stay moisturized. Plus you don’t need to have it processed or refined simply take the coconut flesh from the husk, grate it and apply on your skin.  

(Romano Laurence)  Photo License: CC-BY


A Teeth Whitener

Beautiful hair and skin are not the only body parts coconut oil can help. It also makes a great teeth whitener. Frequent coconut oil rinses are a natural way of getting whiter teeth. The lauric acid found in the oil can help get rid of plague that attack the teeth and stain it yellow. It also helps the gums and with fresh breath!

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