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“If I get the crown, I would teach everyone that nothing is impossible in life” -Miss Seychelles ……..Another World 2014 Contestant 7 Annabelle Pointe.

Victoria, Seychelles | May 25, 2014, Sunday @ 23:27 in Entertainment » PEOPLE | By: Alessandra Arrigo | Views: 3808
“If I get the crown, I would teach everyone that nothing is impossible in life” -Miss Seychelles ……..Another World 2014 Contestant 7 Annabelle Pointe.

Annabelle Pointe Miss Seychelles 2014 Contestant 4 (Seychelles Tourism Board)

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(Seychelles News Agency) - Collect at least one rupee ($ 0.08) from everyone in the Seychelles on a monthly basis to give to the less fortunate.

This is how Annabelle Pointe would like to illustrate the theme “Beauty with a Purpose” which all Miss Seychelles ……..Another World 2014 Contestants have to showcase. 

The bright idea of the one rupee project initiated by the twenty year old is aimed to improve the lives of orphans, single parents and others groups of people in need. 

A resident of Mont Buxton, central district of the main Seychelles island of Mahe, Pointe says she was inspired by her grandmother whom she loves dearly, to take part in the pageant, though pageantry is not new to the young lady.

Two years ago, she participated in the Miss East Africa beauty pageant in Tanzania, where she came out in the top 5, out of 23 contestants.

Pointe dreams of becoming an international top model or a successful real estate agent while she also aspires to study drama, as she says it shall suite the outspoken person she is. 

Contestant number 7 of the 2014 Miss Seychelles contest enjoys going to the beach and socializing with family and friends. 

One of her main concern is drugs, as she has family members who have become victim of heroin addiction.

“I will do anything in my power to help those affected by drugs in the country if I get the opportunity to do so, says Pointe.

Only days remaining for the crowning ceremony of the 2014 Miss Seychelles, Annabelle Pointe admits it has not an easy ride.

“….sometimes I don’t feel like attending the sessions, but when I get there and meet with the other girls, our chatting and laughter, make me forget all about it and in the end I enjoy the time spent there…what I’ve enjoyed the most is going to Praslin and Aride islands…so all in all, I would say it’s been a pleasant and fun experience,” she said.

Annabelle has made huge sacrifices to participate in the Miss Seychelles beauty contest, which includes quitting her job! Hence, she is expecting a prize on crowning day.

Aiming at least to be crowned second princess, Pointe believes that beauty is more about the inner qualities of a person than the exterior appearance. 

The outspoken, happy, fun and easy going Annabelle believes that her past is what has shaped her, as she confided in SNA that she suffered a lot from bullying as a child. 

“The bullying is what turned me into the ambitious woman I have become today." 

As she dreams of the crowning ceremony Annabelle Pointe had this to say to SNA:

“If crowned “Miss Seychelles…Another World 2014”, I would take it as an opportunity to teach everyone, especially young people, that nothing is impossible in life, showing them that if they really believe in themselves, life can turn out to be full of opportunities.”



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