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7 Seychellois artists who showcase life on the island through art

Victoria, Seychelles | October 20, 2016, Thursday @ 09:43 in Entertainment » SEYCHELLES BUZZ | By: Betymie Bonnelame | Views: 18145
7 Seychellois artists who showcase life on the island through art

(Joe Laurence, Seychelles News Agency) 

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(Seychelles News Agency) - With its stunning natural beauty, Seychelles is an inspiration for artists. Capturing the beauty, be it the islands, the turquoise-coloured waters, the white sandy beaches or the people, the urge is there to immortalise the scenery in sculpture or on canvas. SNA looks at seven Seychellois artists with their own galleries.


1. Egbert Marday

Marday is a visual artist, focusing on everyday life and the soul of the Seychellois people in the immediate environment. Through art, he also deals with pertinent international issues. Marday uses various media -- acrylic, charcoal, collage, oil, wood, metal, cement, sand and resin.

Gallery - Kreasyon Beau-Et-Mien, La Misere

Open to visitors daily

Contact:  Tel: +248 4378456 or +248 2512792


(Egbert Marday) Photo License: All Rights Reserved


2. George Camille

George Camille’s work covers many subjects and every piece captures the colour and spirit of Creole life. He uses different mediums which includes etchings, watercolour, pencil and pastel drawings, embossed copper work, canvas collages and 'objet trouves'. Camille’s work covers many subjects and every piece captures the colour and spirit of Creole life.

Gallery - Kaz Zanana, Victoria, Mahe and Villa Verte, Anse Gaulette, La Digue

Contact Tel: +248 4344334 or +248 2548548


(George Camille) Photo License: All Rights Reserved


3. Leon Radegonde

Radegonde specialises in contemporary art using the Arte Povera style (meaning poor or impoverished art) which originated from Italy in the 1960s. Radegonde works with discarded items like newspapers transforming them into precious pieces with new definitions and meanings.

Going down the steps to Radegonde’s home-studio at Machabee, every piece along the way tells their own story.

Gallery/Studio: visiting on appointment

Contact Address: 4241166/2718979

(Leon Radegonde) Photo License: All Rights Reserved


4. Nigel Henri

Henri has developed a unique style which has earned a place in private collections in various parts of the world. His style is highly colourful and often heavily textured, very much characteristic of the Seychelles’ islands' art scene, but distinctive. His acrylic paintings are the typical Seychelles and underwater scenes.

Gallery – Nigel Art studio, Beau Vallon, Northern Mahé

Opening hours: Mon – Sat 10am – 5pm, Sunday by appointment

Contact Tel: +248 4247536;


(Nigel Henri) Photo License: All Rights Reserved


5. Colbert Nourrice

Nourrice is seen as the most promising artist in the contemporary art in Seychelles. He does semi-abstract paintings of stylized figures, combined with symbols and signs from nature.

Gallery – Colbert Nourrice studio – Domaine Val de Pres, Au Cap

Contact Tel: +248 2 51 96 40


(Colbert Nourrice) Photo License: All Rights Reserved


6. Jude Barallon

Barallon is a professional painter using oil and aqualic painting watercolour to capture Seychelles' beautiful landscapes. He combines graphic designer fine art and graphic techniques to produce signboards, logos and screen-printing on t-shirt.

Gallery: Sun design studio – Cascade

 Mon – Sat 10 am 6 pm

Contact: Tel +248 4373191/2779939


(Jude Barallon) Photo License: All Rights Reserved


7. Gerard Devoud

Devoud is half Seychellois and half French. He has devoted his life to capturing the beauty, light and easy living of the Seychelles on canvas. Devoud’s paintings  are recognisable by their brilliant slashes of red, green and yellow. He provides certificates of authenticity for each of his works.

Gallery - Val Mer, Baie Lazare, PO Box 72, Victoria, Mahé

Contact: Tel: +248 4 38 15 55


(Gerard Devoud) Photo License: All Rights Reserved
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