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A Miss Seychelles contestant whose name already represents the country: Seychelle Islana Worth

Victoria, Seychelles | August 19, 2017, Saturday @ 11:30 in Editorial » THE INTERVIEW | By: Sharon Uranie | Views: 5483
A Miss Seychelles contestant whose name already represents the country: Seychelle Islana Worth

My goal is to be a spokesperson representing the Seychelles, after all, my name is Seychelle. (Miss Seychelles - National Pageant, Facebook)  

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(Seychelles News Agency) - Love for Seychelles and the desire to create more awareness of the island nation is the driving force behind the participation of one of the contestants of the 2017 Miss Seychelles beauty pageant.

Seychelle Islana Worth is among the 14 young women setting out to win the coveted crown.

The 20-year-old who stands at five feet and eight inches tall lives on the Seychelles' third-most inhabited island, La Digue.

Born to American father Frank Worth and Seychellois mother Helen Butler, Seychelle Worth has three siblings – two brothers and a sister living in Seychelles and another two sisters living in America.

SNA caught up with the Miss Seychelles contestant to get to know her better, talk about what she brings to the pageant and her expectations.


SNA: Before talking about the pageant we have to ask: Are you named after the Seychelles islands?

SW: Yes, my mother named me after her country because she loved it so much. She said she wanted a little piece of the Seychelles with her everywhere she went in life, hence giving me the name ‘Seychelle Islana.’


SNA: Talk a little bit about your days living in the U.S. and moving back to Seychelles?

SW: I was born in California; two of my siblings were born in the Seychelles it all depended on where my parents were living at the time. Living in the U.S. was definitely a great experience but it’s a fast life. My family and I decided to move back to my mom’s home country to slow life down a bit. The United States will always be a big part of my life but the Seychelles Islands will always be my home.


SNA: What pushed you to join the Miss Seychelles Beauty Pageant?

SW: The thing that pushed me into joining the pageant is my love for the Seychelles and hopefully allowing this to facilitate a further awareness of the Seychelles beauty, culture, and diversity. My goal is to be a spokesperson representing the Seychelles, after all, my name is Seychelle and I deeply feel it’s my destiny.

(Michel Desnousse) Photo License: CC-BY


SNA: What is your beauty with a purpose project chosen for the pageant?

SW: My beauty with a purpose project is called “The Physical Fight Against Drugs” because my favourite hobby in life is karate and my top goal in life is to help people overcome drug addiction. I thought I could mix the two together and make a difference. I chose this project because I feel that people suffering from addiction tend to feel alone and think that no one cares. I’m here to show that people do care and I for one want to do the best I can to help. I’m working with someone that is willing to help me teach courses of self-defence that I think will make a positive impact in these people’s lives.


SNA: What kind of impact or benefits do you believe can be derived from your project?

SW: By offering self-defense classes I believe it would provide them with a hobby to become a better person, create self-esteem, and achieve their goals in life. Self-defense is always a good thing to know because it’s better to be safe rather than helpless. Being able to protect yourself is something that is important and extremely useful.


SNA: What studies have you done and what do you do career wise?

SW: My studies consist of graduating high school four months ahead of schedule and receiving my diploma, and receiving a graduate certificate in Holistic Therapy. Currently, I am the manager of my family’s business on La Digue. I’m there to make sure tourists get the chance to experience the full beauty of the Seychelles. I also help my brother cook local creole style barbeques on the beach for clients in the evening.

Right now I am deeply involved in completing my new book project that consumes a great deal of my time. The title “Beyond the Beach” is dedicated to showing the world the beauty of the Seychelles and my life here including the struggles in life that I have had to personally overcome. It will be published in the USA, Europe, and several other countries. Even though I’m young I have vast experience in T.V. commercials and radio promotions. I would like to apply that energy and experience to help the Seychelles if I am crowned.


SNA: Outside of work do you have any other particular interests and hobbies?

SW: Helping animals because I am definitely an animal lover. I helped with the project that was organized on La Digue a while ago by the Seychelles Animal Welfare Society -- the SAWS La Digue sterilization campaign of 2016 -- and it was definitely an amazing experience.

My hobbies are kayaking, swimming, bike riding, kickboxing and karate, which I hold a first-degree black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do. I have also received a gold medal in a Tae-Kwon-Do competition. I plan on working with a group dedicated to teaching youngsters the art of self-defense and give them confidence and self-worth.


SNA: What is your expectation going into the Miss Seychelles beauty pageant, especially on the night of the pageant?

SW: My expectation going into this pageant is to be able to humbly compete with all of the other very talented and beautiful girls and truly hope the best girl wins.

(Miss Seychelles - National Pageant, Facebook) Photo License: CC-BY


SNA: If crowned what changes or difference will you want to see in the society?

SW: I will use my book to help Seychelles to gain a positive international presence it needs and deserves. I will work hard with the local community of La Digue and the rest of the islands in the Seychelles, particularly the youth to show them the benefit of dedication and hard work.

I would be honoured if chosen to be the crown holder. I will work hard towards being the truly deserving contestant of such a title together with my future activities to help elevate this great nation.


SNA: Aside of the coveted crown, what else do you believe participating in such a pageant can teach the young women of Seychelles?

SW: Young women need to believe in themselves. Believe that there is good inside them and all things are possible if they work towards a worthy and honest endeavour.


SNA: What is your advice to young Seychellois girls who may be reluctant and lack the confidence to be a contestant of the Miss Seychelles pageant?

SW: My advice to them is: To break that barrier of confidence is to put your fears aside, set goals, face them, and work hard towards achieving them.  

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