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Helping young people facing challenges interests contestant Angie Desnousse in Miss Seychelles pageant

Victoria, Seychelles | August 12, 2017, Saturday @ 10:32 in Editorial » THE INTERVIEW | By: Sharon Ernesta Edited by: Betymie Bonnelame | Views: 3528
Helping young people facing challenges interests contestant Angie Desnousse in Miss Seychelles pageant

Desnousse' aspiration is to be her own boss. (Miss Seychelles - National Pageant, Facebook)

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(Seychelles News Agency) - Constestant No. 2 in the Miss Seychelles beauty pageant for 2017 is Angie Desnousse, a business-oriented young woman.

Desnousse, 21, is an only child on her mother’s side and resides at La Misere in the eastern district of Plaisance.

Although her parents were not too thrilled about her participating in the Miss Seychelles beauty, all is well and she is well set on her journey to win the title. SNA caught up with Desnousse to learn more about this contestant.


SNA: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your back ground.

AD: I am an only child from my mother’s side, and I have three other siblings on my father's side. I currently live with my mother but spent my childhood at Rochon, with my adoptive family, and it was where I spent my school holidays.  Today, I visit them whenever I can.


SNA: What are your qualifications and what are you doing career wise?

AD: After Mont Fleuri secondary school, I joined the School of Business Studies and did a course in office management and administration. I am currently working for VCS (Victoria Computer Services) doing front office and customer service.

My aspiration is to have my own business. I do not know what kind of business though. At one time I wanted an offshore company, but I realise now that this will not be easy. I still want to be my own boss, and something in my heart is telling me to do something with young people.

They are facing so many challenges, and a lot has to do with technology. Nowadays children spend too much time with tablets, laptops and phones. They lack outdoor physical activities. When I was growing up, I played outside even if I scraped a knee I still grew up with good memories of these adventures and sometimes mishaps. 

(Michel Desnousse) Photo License: CC-BY


SNA: What pushed you or encouraged you to join the pageant?

AD: There is a funny story behind me joining the pageant. I would have never thought of taking part. When the organisers were still looking for participants to join the contest, a friend of mine registered my name. She then called me and said, “if I have registered your name in something without you knowing, will you be mad at me?” I told her it depends. That when she gave the form to fill, and after further persuasion I did. My mother was not too thrilled about me being in the event, but now she has warmed up to it and now is giving me her full support.


SNA: Apart from work what are your interests, hobbies?

AD: I love the outdoors, the sea and the environment. My best time is being on the beach, and I also love to hike. I used to go hiking with my friends but now not too often as they mostly abroad studying and training. I also love dogs, and if it were up to me, I would probably own more than the seven dogs which I currently have. But due to work commitments, I can’t have any more, plus I will get into trouble with my mum.


SNA: And for this pageant what will be your project which you will be working on?

AD: As a young person, I have a soft spot for my peers, and this is why my project is on -- young people. I will be working with youths from the two secondary schools close to me, Mont Fleuri -- my old school -- and Plaisance, which is in the district I live in.

My project has to do with troubled young people, and I am targeting those who have been through the discipline programme being held at the army camp. When the programme is over, these young people are sent back to school, and in a lot of cases, they go back to their negative behaviours. I feel that they still need to be mentored.

So my project is to set up a network of different adults who will be mentoring them so that they can change for the better. I will be approaching the teachers, people from the army, members of the National Assembly, the National Council for Children, psychologists and the district administrators. I will also bring in the two priests from the two parishes as I feel spirituality is missing in our young people’s lives.

(Miss Seychelles - National Pageant, Facebook) Photo License: CC-BY


SNA: What will be your advice for young women who are scared or not confident in joining pageants?

ED: First and foremost, beauty is not only physical, but it is also within. It is the way you treat yourself and others. Young women should be aware of this. Before I joined the pageant, my concept of beauty pageants was fashion. There were a lot of things I didn’t know, and it’s only now that I am discovering more. I am learning about my country and our culture.

So I think young women shouldn’t think about what people will say and let that be a hindrance.  As the pageant pushes you out of your comfort zone, you can become more outgoing. But I think at the end every person joins a pageant for their own personal objective and achieving them.


SNA: What are your expectations after this experience?

AD: I feel there is still a lot of growing up for me. I am only 21 years old, and I am learning a lot about etiquette and other values which will definitely make me a better person, especially a better young woman.


SNA: If ever crowned what changes/difference will you want to make or bring to the society?

AD: I will want my project to materialise. I want all of us, meaning the whole community, to work together to make the positive change needed to make our country a better place for the children.

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