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Miss Seychelles contestant Stephie Bastienne to help find ways to stop bullying among children

Victoria, Seychelles | August 16, 2017, Wednesday @ 14:39 in Editorial » THE INTERVIEW | By: Daniel Laurence Edited by: Betymie Bonnelame | Views: 3240
Miss Seychelles contestant Stephie Bastienne to help find ways to stop bullying among children

Stephie Bastienne said she will serve as a role model to convince the people to become more environmentally conscious. (Miss Seychelles - National Pageant, Facebook)

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A passion for music and a love for seeing other countries is what drives Miss Seychelles contestant Stephie Bastienne.

Bastienne, who is contestant number six, lives in the northern Mahe district of Beau Vallon, a place she says has a high level of peace and security. If crowned, she wants to help fight the problem of school-age bullying.

SNA met with Bastienne to discover learn more about her expectations for the Miss Seychelles beauty pageant. 


SNA: Tell us a little bit about your background.

SB: I come from a family of four with only one sister still studying. I did all my primary and secondary schooling at the Beau Vallon School.

As a child, I always wanted to be a teacher, but now at 19, my interest has changed. I use to be painfully shy, but nowadays I am more self-assured and the willingness to face any adversity type. Like my mum, I also tend to bend over backwards to help others while avoiding the public limelight. 


SNA: What are your qualifications, skills, and what are you doing career wise?

SB: I am working at the Seychelles Hospitality Supplies as a sales executive. In my daily operation, I have developed good communication and bargaining skills. Since hospitality is a dynamic industry, I have to keep abreast with current trends.

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SNA: What encouraged you to join the pageant?

SB: I was encouraged to join the beauty pageant mostly by my friends. They have always supported me and tell me to join a modelling agency or Miss Seychelles itself, where I can display the different aspect of my personality. Also, the pageant itself inspired me. I heard a lot about the title and journey of the previous crown holders. It is fun, exciting, prestigious and carefully planned by the most able organisers and directors.


SNA: Apart from work, what are your interest and hobbies?

SB: In my free time, I enjoy reading, cooking, communicating with new people and listening to music. Another of my interest is travelling because it makes me see, listen, and learn about another lifestyle and the kind of problems they are facing in their daily lives. It also gives me relief when I’m troubled.


SNA: For this pageant what project will you be working on?

SB: Since our communities and schools are facing problems about discipline, my project will focus on finding solutions to that. Cases of bullying are increasing and I feel that we should at least start passing on good qualities to our children.  I certainly would want my child to be confident, self-assured and respectful. I really believe that people who feel good about themselves and are disciplined are in a good position to face whatever life has in store for them.

(Miss Seychelles - National Pageant, Facebook) Photo License: CC-BY 


SNA: What will be your advice for young women who are scared or not confident in joining pageants?

SB: I would encourage young ladies to join a pageant so they can have the same opportunities as I did. That is to get the chance to become an ambassador of goodwill. The pageant is a good platform for showcasing woman empowerment.  Youth and beauty are not accomplishments and a crown and a sash are just accessories, but surely the pageants can be the start of a new challenge.  For the women, who have told themselves that they’re not good enough, this is their chance to prove themselves wrong.


SNA: What are your expectations after this experience?

SB: Other than learning good etiquettes and building my self-confidence, I expect to gain qualities that will make me become a good example to young people and to the whole community. I will be demonstrating how a good citizen should act towards others.


SNA: If ever crowned what changes will you want to make or bring to the society?

SB: This beauty pageant is one with a difference that not only encourages our beautiful young Creole ladies not to rely on beauty alone but to commit themselves to a cause which will benefit our society.

With regards to making a real change, I want to help bring solutions that will resolve traffic related problem.  I will also serve as a role model to convince the people to become more environmentally conscious. Without a healthy place to live in, the next world generation would not have what is supposed to be theirs.  As a young citizen, I also feel that I have the responsibility to promote social awareness to help alleviate some of our poor social conditions. 

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