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Miss Seychelles beauty pageant to help contestant Hillary Joubert improve self esteem

Victoria, Seychelles | August 15, 2017, Tuesday @ 12:05 in Editorial » THE INTERVIEW | By: Salifa Karapetyan Edited by: Betymie Bonnelame | Views: 4139
Miss Seychelles beauty pageant to help contestant Hillary Joubert improve self esteem

Hilary Joubert is expecting to gain a lot of experiences on this new journey. (Miss Seychelles - National Pageant, Facebook)

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(Seychelles News Agency) - New knowledge, higher self-esteem and confidence are acquisitions that Glacis resident 23-year-old Hillary Joubert, wishes to make through her participation in this year’s Miss Seychelles pageant.

SNA met up with contestant number five to learn more about her passions in life. We also got the chance to take a look at her ‘Beauty with a purpose’ project and why she chose it. 


SNA: What are your qualifications and what are you doing career wise?

HJ: At the moment I am working at MCB (Mauritius Commercial Bank) as a customer service representative. I studied at the maritime academy and started working in that field. That was before I developed a love for office work. I did three years at HSL (Hospitality Supply Limited) as a sales executive. I have a certificate in Advance Fisheries Science. 

I chose the maritime academy because of my great love for the ocean. The reason why I changed field might lie in my personality - I love working and receiving clients and helping them. I also get to meet new people every day.  Most of my clients are pleased with the service that I offer and there is always a way to handle various situations.

SNA: What pushed you or encouraged you to join the pageant?

HJ: I always wanted to take part in the pageant but lacked self-esteem. My family and friends have for many years been asking me to do it and I finally did it this year. I made it a must to follow all the contestants who took part in previous pageants.

Some of these contestants even approached and encouraged me to take part. Miss Seychelles ... Another World 2015, Linne Freminot, wanted me to participate along with her but unfortunately, I wasn't ready back then. She advised me to always be smart and be prepared.

(Michel Desnousse) Photo License: CC-BY

SNA: Apart from work what are your interests, hobbies?

HJ: Every day after work, I go to the gym and on Saturday mornings, I go running on the beach. For me, the step machine is the best place to do cardio and to keep my muscles toned. I follow a program that focuses on a different muscle group each day.

I usually go for lunch at home but whenever I am unable to make it, I head to ISPC (International Sales and Promotion Company) and buy salads. I have been doing this for a year now and each of my session lasts around one hour to one and a half. Then I enjoy watching Grey's Anatomy [a TV series] and reading romance.


SNA: And for this pageant what project will you be working on?

HJ: My project needs some fine tuning but it is generally based on bullying in schools as bullying is one subject that I would like to see tackled. My aim is to deal with both the bully and the victim as currently, it is only the bully that is given detention. The victim also needs attention. There is a lack of follow up. The bully might end up bearing a grudge against the victim while the victim might have a low self-esteem. We must find a way to pull the victims out of the holes they have been placed into. I have noticed that nothing much is being done.

(Miss Seychelles - National Pageant, Facebook) Photo License: CC-BY

SNA: What will your advice be for young women who are scared or not confident in joining pageants?

HJ: I would ask them to put aside the fear and come forward. I lacked self-confidence and had a low self-esteem. There are a lot of experiences to gain from this new journey. Along the way, you will also build up your self-confidence and self-esteem. You will meet new people and the whole process is going to be fun. One message I would like to get out is that beauty is within.

SNA: What are your expectations after this experience?

HJ: To build up on my self-esteem and also obtain new knowledge. We are being groomed in many ways and I look forward to learning something new. I guess it is only after the pageant that I will truly know what I have achieved.


SNA: If ever crowned what changes will you want to make or bring to the society?

HJ: Tackling the bully situation will be my number one priority. Even if I won't be able to do it in all the schools all at once, reaching out to some of the victims and bullies will be a starting point. They might become part of the project as well and spread the good practice. 

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