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5 Seychellois families who found relatives in Reunion thanks to a genealogy group

Victoria, Seychelles | October 4, 2018, Thursday @ 10:36 in Entertainment » SEYCHELLES BUZZ | By: Betymie Bonnelame | Views: 5591
5 Seychellois families who found relatives in Reunion thanks to a genealogy group

(JoKerozen, Wikipedia) Photo License: CC BY 2.5

(Seychelles News Agency) - The first settlement in Seychelles can be traced back to 1770 when the islands’ first habitants settled on St Anne Island. The group included the French and their slaves, who were Indians and Africans.

Can the generation of today trace their lineage back to the island's early days? Can this parental link extend beyond the Seychelles' shores?

Recently, a group of people from Reunion -- a French overseas department in the Indian Ocean -- was on the island nation to establish the line of descent between families there and in Seychelles. This is being done through an association of genealogy studies – ‘Cercle généalogique de Bourbon.’

The visit is a follow up to the one made two years ago by some residents of Reunion who have traced their family lineage to Seychelles.

SNA presents the five families who discovered their family links through the initiative.


1. Jean-Paul Rivière from Reunion and René Morel from La Digue are two cousins who met for the first time in 2016 thanks to this discovery. Rivière, who is passionate about genealogy, said he had been able to trace his family eight generations back, dating to the early 1800s.

(Joena Meme) Photo License: CC-BY 


2. Two cousins who have been able to establish their ancestral links through this initiative are Seychellois Marie-Reine Hoareau and Jean-Fred Lallemand from Reunion. Hoareau and Lallemand’s ancestral roots date back to 1853.

(Joena Meme) Photo License: CC-BY 


3. The Payet family of Baie Lazare -- in the west of the main island of Mahe -- are the descendants of Camille Payet from Reunion. Camille Payet came to Seychelles in 1814, got married and started his family.

(Joena Meme) Photo License: CC-BY 


4. Guillaume Jorre de St Jorre, the notary of Reunion came to Seychelles in the 1790s. The estate of La Plaine St Andre was named after his own place of birth in Reunion.  

(Joena Meme) Photo License: CC-BY 


5. The Mellon family in Seychelles was originally from Reunion. The family arrived on the island of La Digue in 1807, where the widowed Madame Mellon née Desjardins and her two sons were given land on the orders of the Captain-General of Isle de France, General Decaen. Their father, a Frenchman, François Mellon, had died earlier in Madagascar.  

(Joena Meme) Photo License: CC-BY 
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