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PO Box 1156,Serret Road, Mahe , Seychelles

Phone: +248 4 266 222

Marie-Antoinette Restaurant is one of the best places in Victoria to enjoy authentic and delicious Seychellois Creole food prepared in the traditional way using local organic ingredients. 

The Creole flair is pretty much everywhere at Marie-Antoinette – from the mouth-watering menu comprising local dishes such as parrotfish, tuna steak, golden apple or pumpkin chutney, fish stew, chicken curry, aubergine fritters, garden salad and steaming white rice to name a few, to the beautiful flower and spice garden and the tortoises and guinea pigs dens.

Marie-Antoinette is also home to the Livingstone Gallery, in honour of the late American adventurer, Henry Morton Stanley who stayed there in 1872 and named it Livingstone Cottage.

The restaurant is the proud winner of the 2012 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.

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