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Automatic "and" Queries
The results cover all of your search terms. You do not need to put "and" between terms.

The searches are NOT case sensitive. For example, you will get the same results for "Victoria", "victoria" or "VICTORIA".

Exclusion of words
You can exclude a word from your search by putting a minus sign ("-") immediately in front of it. For example, to find news about Michel that do not contain the word "James", type in: Michel -James

Phrase Searches
Search for whole phrases by putting them in quotation marks. The results you get will contain the words exactly as you entered them.

Period selection
If you don't specify start date and end date, the search will return all the news containing your search terms. If you specify start date, the search will return the news published after this date. If you specify end date, the search will return the news published before this date.

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