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6 spectacular, world-class beaches in Seychelles

Victoria, Seychelles | August 11, 2016, Thursday @ 10:13 in Entertainment » SEYCHELLES BUZZ | By: Betymie Bonnelame | Views: 11508
6 spectacular, world-class beaches in Seychelles

(Gerard Larose, Seychelles Tourism Board)

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(Seychelles News Agency) - The Seychelles archipelago of 115 islands is well known for its magnificent beaches, which are major attractions for visitors. Almost all of the islands are surrounded by spectacular sand. SNA looks at the best of the best.


1. Anse Source d’Argent

This one stands out as one of the finest beaches in the world. Located on La Digue -- the archipelago's third most populated island, dazzling white sand plus azure sea surrounded by massive granite boulders makes the beach one worthy of many visitors’ souvenir to the Seychelles.

The beach dotted with smooth, massive boulders claimed the top spot in a poll by the UK newspaper ‘The Guardian.’

Travel website TripAdvisor, which collects reviews from travellers, placed the beach in its Top 12 Beaches With Crystal Clear Water rankings, and the beach also featured in the Traveller’s Choice 2014 Top Beaches awards.

National Geographic’s coffee-table book, the 10 Best of Everything, rates Anse Source D’Argent as the most beautiful beach in the world.

The beach was also voted 4th among the 100 world’s best beaches by CNN staff. It placed fifth among 12 for best beaches of the world by the US News & World Report.

(Wikipedia) Photo License: CC-BY-SA-4.0


2. Anse Lazio

Located northwest of Praslin -- Seychelles second most inhabited island, it is considered by many as the nation's most beautiful beach, and it likely is the most photographed one. Long and broad with sand like velvet and a dreamy blue sea, the beach is framed by big granite boulders, giving one the feeling of being secluded in a little piece of heaven. Anse Lazio was considered the 6th-best beach in the world by user-reviewed Tripadvisor website in 2015.

(Gerard Larose, Seychelles Tourism Board) Photo License: CC-BY


3. Anse Georgette

Located on the western side of Praslin, this beach -- compared to Anse Lazio -- is nice and quiet. Accessible by boat, the beach has maintained its seclusion, making it an ideal spot for couples. US News & World Report says the beach “is counted among the top 10 most beautiful beaches of the world."

(Fabio Achilli/Flickr) Photo License: CC-BY 2.0


4. Petite Anse

English producer and actor Jamie Theakston describes the beach as “spectacular - craggy volcanic cliff to one side and a perfect arc of azure warm sea to the other lapping on sand that would barely exfoliate your feet.” It is located on the eastern side of La Digue Island and is among the lonely planet list of idyllic beaches in Seychelles. It is the place for you if you want to play castaway on a deserted beach.

(Jean-Marie Hullot/Flickr) Photo License: CC-BY 2.0


5. Anse Intendance 

Ranked as the most unspoilt beaches on the main island Mahe, it is on the southern coast of the island and stretches almost 30 kilometres. Without a surrounding reef, the large and stronger waves makes it a great place for surfers but not the best one for those just wanting a dip. It is rated No. 5 among the things to do in Seychelles by the US News & World Report

(Jean-Marie Hullot/Flickr) Photo License: CC-BY 2.0


6. Anse Major

The beach borders the Morne Seychellois reserve in the northwest of Mahe, the main island, and is accessible by boat or through the nature trail hike. It is rated No. 1 among the 6 things to do in Seychelles in the UK’s Daily Mail Online and No. 5 as outdoor activities on Mahe by Tripadvisor. A Tripadvisor user says, “The hike to get here is long and exhausting, but really beautiful with gorgeous coastal views. And once you make it Seychelles repays you with one of its most enchanting places!”

(TheLastResorts/Flickr) Photo License: CC-BY 2.0


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