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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Seychelles News Agency?

The Seychelles News Agency is an online text and photo news service, funded by the Department of Information of the Government of Seychelles. The online news service is run by two co-Editors, Rassin Vannier and Sharon Uranie, who are professional Seychellois journalists with extensive experience in Seychelles news reporting and international news writing.

What is your Mission?

To provide latest information on Seychelles to world and become the leader in Seychelles online news distribution and cultural diplomacy. To educate and inform, and stimulate creativity and learning as well as journalism excellence.

What is your Vision?

To create awareness of the Seychelles and its people in the global community, and position Seychelles regionally and internationally as a Small Island Developing State with a unique experience of social, economic and cultural development.

What type of information does Seychelles News Agency distribute?

The Seychelles News Agency has high news selection standards in order to provide credible news and information to a global audience as well as the most unique perspectives on Seychelles life and current affairs.

The editor's question is always 'does this matter to an international audience?

The news service also provides opinion and experts insights by Seychellois and international contributors as well as interviews with unique personalities.

The news service focuses on Seychelles news, its engagement in the African Union and the Indian Ocean Commission, but also provides important general news from Africa and the Indian Ocean, as well as global events which impact international relations.

The site has a blend of English language and French language news and features in order to reach the widest possible audience in countries around the world.

How does Seychelles News Agency differ from other Seychelles news sites and sources?

The Seychelles News Agency is the only Seychelles news site to provide up-to-date news 'as it happens' in Seychelles, as well as new perspectives and analysis from multiple sources (radio, TV, newspapers, freelancers, agency staff).

Is the Seychelles News Agency a government mouthpiece?

No it is not. The views expressed on the site are not necessarily of the Government of Seychelles.The agency is a provider of news, analysis and information from the private sector, civil society and private individuals as well as the government, diplomats, international organisations, as a platform for diverse news, views and opinions.

While the funding is received from the Department of Information, the news agency staff are not civil servants, and are contracted as editors and journalists in their own right to maintain the editorial policy of the news service.

Who receives information from the Seychelles News Agency?

All major international news agencies, as well as regional newspapers, radio and TV news providers, Seychelles media, embassies and honorary consulates abroad.

Anyone is free to subscribe to news from the agency via an online link.

Do I have to pay in order to use articles and photos from the Seychelles News Agency?

No. The articles may be used free of charge provided the agency and/or the author are credited.  Photo licenses are always clearly labelled and in some most cases Creative Commons licenses are used.

What currency reference do you use?

Although the Seychelles Rupee (SCR) is the official currency of the Seychelles, for the purpose of reaching a wide global readership, with readily converted figures, the dollar and the euro are used. 

For English language articles all currencies values are converted to the US dollar and indicated with the $ sign. For French language articles, currency values are in euro, which are indicated both in written and the € sign. is used for currency conversions.

Are the time indicators for news story for the Seychelles' time zone?

Yes. Seychelles is +4 GMT/UTC year round.

What happens to the revenue SNA makes from advertising and photography?

All advertising and photography revenues are used for journalism promotion. This includes journalism training and development in Seychelles, including promotional activities of the SNA, and special journalism projects.


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